12 Tips on How to Select the Perfect Web Host

You want to present your creative idea to the world. You have product and services and you want increase its customer base and market. Definitely for lot of these similar purposes you need a website. What are things required to run a website? Firstly you need to buy a domain name that will be used […]

Blog Hosting Services: Making the Right Choice

Blogs help you keep up with daily activities amidst the tight schedules. While some do blog posts for sheer fun, others are in the blogging industry for a living. Whichever way, blog hosting services play a great role in determining your personal experience and that of the readers. A good choice of blog hosting company […]

Should You Buy Premium WordPress Themes or Free Ones?

WordPress is a powerful blogging and Content Management System that can be used for creating both websites and blogs. The reason it gained popularity is the sheer convenience it offers in developing your site by selecting from countless themes. WordPress themes are a set pattern for your blog. From business WordPress themes to entertainment, music […]

Best Open Source eCommerce Platforms to Start an eCommerce Website

Modernization and advancement in technology had led many businesses to come online. Small and large businesses had started to realize the importance coming online and this is why many businesses had opted for e-commerce platforms. Rather many businesses are directly opened as an e-commerce store for selling products. But, before you start an e-commerce portal, […]

Is VPS Hosting the Best Option for Me?

A relatively new way of hosting web services, a Virtual Private Server (in short VPS) is simply a service provided by a machine which is managed by an external force – hence the ‘virtual’. Often useful for companies that have outgrown their current web hosting and need more space for whatever reason, a VPS sign […]