10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying WordPress Hosting

There is nothing as bad as buying your dream house only to discover a couple of days later that the house is in a bad neighborhood, you’ll have spent a lot of money, with the end result that you’re still not happy. Similarly, you do not want to host your awesome website with the wrong […]

Importance of Cloud Computing: Why You Should Use it?

Cloud storage or cloud computing is the procedure of storing information or data online. Nowadays, this process is gaining massive popularity. It is considered one of the most secure ways of storing information. The data that is stored in the cloud remains password protected and can easily be shared with others. There are no chances […]

Top 10 SMTP Hosting Providers

Do you know that SMTP is a protocol needed for sending as well as receiving an email? This application is a layer-based protocol which facilitates in transmission as well as a distribution over the internet. Following, we are going to name the best service providers along with a little introduction of SMTP. Introduction SMTP Server […]

The No-Commitment Way to Blog in 2019

Five years ago, author and blogger Mark Manson gave 33 pieces of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Among them, there was one that everyone dreaming of making a living as a blogger should take to heart: “A blog is not a business plan. It’s just not”. He suggests that you should only start a blog because […]

A Beginner’s Guide in Creating a Website

A website contains a collection of information in the form of web pages. These pages include texts, images, videos, and other components. Websites are often created for monetization and passive income sources. Learning how to make a site is made easier today with the latest tools and software available on the world wide web. Here […]

What You Need to Know About the Rise of Visual Search

Just when you think you are on the cutting edge of marketing, new technology makes your current plan seem obsolete. You have hired professionals for paid social media optimization. You have changed your customer service interface to make it more friendly to millennials. You have created quality content surrounding your product or service to make […]