Finance and Investments

Money in the form of finance and investments is jargon to most of us. Read our comprehensive guide for money management, finance, and investments.

Are multi-car insurance policies a good idea?


Many families will have more than one vehicle to insure. This is where multi-car policies can prove useful. You will receive the same benefits as with a standard policy for car insurance, and also a discount for every car that is then added to that policy. It is also possible to have multi-car breakdown that […]

How to invest your first one lakh?


Investment is something which is read by everyone, only few of them able to understand it, and very limited users actually invest and achieve their investment goals. If you are interested in investing, why not start from small. Let’s assume you’ve got one lakh in hand and wanted to invest in, but don’t know where […]

How to choose a precious metals IRA company? Lear capital and more


If you have seriously started thinking about investing some of your money into a precious metals IRA with the aim of making your future financially safer, then I think it’s safe to assume that you’ve done your fair share of research on the topic. What’s more, it’s safe to say that you have, just like […]

How to increase IPO allotment chances?

These days, getting an IPO allotment is more difficult, like, winning a lottery. Every retail individual investor (RII) is trying his/her best to get at least one lot of the IPO issue. Still, not everyone is getting the allotments. In the history of India, 2021 has been the year of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and […]