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What is LCD Conditioning?

Stuck Pixels

LCD screens are not like CRT monitors. LCD screen uses a panel of pixels to produce the visuals. Over a period of time, such LCD Panels may face “Image Persistence” or “Stuck Pixel” issues. Sometimes individual pixel may be stuck with a single color for the whole time; no matter what colors are being projected, […]

Gaming Laptops Buying Guide – Things to Check

Gaming Laptop

Considering the robust components, premium quality, and vibrant designs, gaming laptops are entirely different in comparison with mainstream ones. Over the years, undoubtedly, laptops have undergone a lot of transformations. Earlier, they were just compact and convenient devices to handle the fundamental needs. And, gaming was just restricted to PC. However, today, thanks to the […]

Best Wireless Routers

Best Wireless Routers

A steady internet connection is no longer a luxury, nearly every house, apartment, and office has a wireless router. A wireless router is a medium that equally distributes the web connection over a network of gadgets and electronic devices – a perfect solution for tech geeks and gadget lovers who cannot do without their mobiles and […]

Best Laptops for Programming

Best Laptops for Programming

If you are a web developer (or you are currently studying) and a laptop is or will be the main instrument for you, you’d better learn all the characteristics of the top brands of laptops on the market before buying a new one. This article will help you to understand the most important technical qualities […]

Laptop Buying Tips from the Technology Experts

Laptop Buying Guide

Laptops are a dime a dozen. However, when you’re trying to get yourself a best laptop that meets your needs, you have to do all of your research properly. The following paragraphs are full of useful information you can use to buy a laptop wisely. Before you get out there and buy your laptop, you […]

Best Lenovo Laptops

Best Lenovo Laptops

Is Lenovo a good laptop brand? Do they offer value for money laptops? There are many questions with tons of answers, that’s why there is one dedicated article on the best Lenovo laptops after conducting hundreds of reviews by various former users like you. Lenovo is a brand that has been in the computers and […]