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The Best Hackintosh Laptops of 2019

Best Hackintosh Laptops

There is no denying that Apple’s Mac OS is revered by many, especially by the power users because it allows them to do so much on the fly like editing videos, and even editing music just the way they want to. Apple’s offering such as Final Cut Pro has made things much easier. Not to […]

How to Run a Computer on Solar Power?

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

Our sun is boon for human being and it is powering the whole solar system using its energy. We can use solar power which is a free source of energy utilizing solar panels with a one-time investment to run a full-fledged computer system or charge laptops without paying hefty electricity bills to power companies. Sounds […]

RTX Laptops: Is it Worth to Buy?

NVidia GeForce RTX 2080: CES 2019

In the first quarter of this year during CES 2019, NVidia showed up with a whole range of the new RTX Gaming Laptops. There were actually 40 different SKUs of RTX laptops announced. We’ve got ten of the biggest brands here from Alienware, ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte and loads of good stuff. In fact, even a […]

Stop Laptop from Overheating without Cooling Pad?

Burning Laptop

Out of all the problems that a laptop may incur, overheating is one of the common and serious ones. As it starts burning the main motto of a laptop dies. In fact, the cooling system of laptops is considered quite a significant factor while buying a new laptop. While most of the people don’t even […]

Best Gaming Desks

Gaming Computer Desk

Getting a gaming computer that has top-notch graphics isn’t all that it takes to enjoy your gaming session. You also need a gaming desk to help you set up your gaming space in the most appropriate way to optimize your gaming experience. A gaming computer desk not only improves your game but also helps in […]