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Optimal CPU-GPU Temperatures


While working in the computer technology field, most of us care about the life span of our investments made on hardware units like CPU and GPU. If everything is okay and working in their ideal temperature then the life of those hardware units lasts long. So what should be the optimal CPU and GPU temperature […]

How to Fix an Overheating Laptop?

Fix Overheating Laptop

There are telltale signs that your laptop is overheating and it should be fixed as soon as you can. The most obvious sign is when it’s actually on your lap and you feel the burn! But if your laptop’s fan is unusually loud and spinning at its full load then pay attention to the laptop, […]

Best Cloud Storage Services Reviewed

Cloud Storage Services

Windows is the top operating system in the world, even though it is far from being bug-free. If you save a lot of files on the hard drive of your computer, it may cause a decrease in performance and errors. In such a case, the best solution is to keep your essential data on the […]