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Luminous Solar NXG 1400 Inverter UPS Review

Luminous Solar NXG 1400 Inverter UPS

Luminous NXG 1400 is the biggest solar inverter UPS which is capable of running the majority of the home appliances using solar power or using mains line. The biggest advantage of this inverter is it gives more priority to solar energy than mains energy. If you are planning to make your own self managed on-grid […]

Should I Really Cover My Laptop Camera?

Laptop Camera

In today’s interconnected world, almost every device can be targeted by hackers to snoop on people’s personal lives. The Internet of Things (IoT) that has already started transforming business models of organisations will further deteriorate cybersecurity at the level of individuals and household devices. Specifically, laptops may be easily hacked and their cameras could be […]

What is Keyboard Ghosting?

Keyboard Ghosting

Keyboard Ghosting is a limitation of a keyboard when a single or several keystrokes are lost due to the inability of a keyboard due to simultaneous signals that come naturally from gamers because they press more than 2 and 3 keystrokes at a time. This generally happens with cheaper keyboards which are only made for […]

How to Make Sure a Website is Safe (and Your Data is Too)

In a perfect world, every website would be a completely safe place for you to visit. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world, and not all websites are secure. An unsafe site can harbor a host of potential threats for you and your data like malware, identity theft, spam, and a hoard of other nasty items. […]

How Many Case Fans Should One Have?

Desktop Computer

If you assembling a desktop computer by yourself then a thought always comes in mind about how many case fans do I need in order to keep the whole chassis cool. It is recommended that the overall chassis should be breathable. So make sure you buy a cabinet/case/chassis with a better airflow supports. The case […]