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Safety precautions when working with electricity

Cables and wires

Electricity, as useful it is, can be a like-taker as well. Yes, in today’s time, the wire manufacturing companies have enhanced their safety precautions, and now we have access to PV coat wire which is completely safe for high currents (used widely on solar installations) and secure to use. But no matter how safe your […]

Single 200 AH vs. Double 100 AH battery!

Single vs. Double Battery

Many of our solar friends ask me about using a single 200 AH battery or double 100 AH (Parallelly-connected) batteries for their solar and inverter setups. This is a tricky question with many answers. Let’s compare both side by side. Features 1 * 200 AH Battery 2 * 100 AH Battery Maximum capacity 200 AH […]

How to Prevent Your Laptop from Overheating?

Laptop burning hot

Laptop users often complain that their laptop heats too much whenever they kick in some day to day task and always get thought about how to prevent laptops from overheating without causing any more issues. In this article, we’ll see the most common signs of laptop overheating and possible ways to keep your laptop from […]

The right place to put your TV in any room

Image of a couple watching TV

While setting your condo, it is crucial to get some appliances placed in the right place. This not only saves space but also provides an eye-catchy look. Apart from these, it also helps to attain an apt interior that can help you to receive compliments from friends and visitors visiting your house. TV is an […]

How to choose the right laptop for data scientists?

Picture of a scientist working on his laptop.

Finally, we’ve gotten to a point in time when laptops are relatively affordable and easy to buy. Laptops became household items after being a dream for many to own, for many years. However, could laptops ever replace desktops for some of the most complicated uses? We often get this question from data scientists looking for […]