API Design and Strategy are Crucial to Lifecycle Management

Online, people often use the terms API design and API strategy interchangeably. However, the matter of the fact is, these are two completely different things. Both are the most crucial steps in the lifecycle of an API, but one comes before the other. So we need to strategically design it. You probably know just how […]

Build Endless Source of Inspiration for Content Ideas

Okay, for all you aspiring content marketers out there, or for those of you want to promote your blog or business or product or service via content marketing, let’s talk a little bit more about content production lines. And how you can build them. The first step in the content production line is this: Choose […]

How to Be a Faster and Better Writer?

Being a blogger, who writes more than 2000 words daily, can say that it is not that difficult to be a faster and better writer. I never attended any typing class, never joined any language improvement class, still, I can write faster (at speed of 45-60 words per) minute and better (with almost zero mistakes; […]

How to Avoid the Depression Caused by Repeated Failure?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the concept of moving up in life, not by getting bigger house, better car, better pay-check, prettier family, etc. But moving up in life by pushing forward, continually, to improve yourself. Improving your own habits, goals, skills, lifestyle, so forth. A key concept I keep hitting is what doesn’t work: […]

How to Deal with Disruptions That Interrupt Your Productive Routines?

You’ve established a set of habits and they serve you well. When you stick to them, as you do most of the time, they keep you moving forward. You make progress, reach goals, meet deadlines, and focus on what’s important. Yay, you! But then: life. Life is so unhelpful. So unpredictable. So disruptive. Life is […]

7 SEO Tools to Outrank Competitors in 2018

Understanding the nitty-gritty of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can prove to be a challenging task, especially for beginners; who just stepped in to this new industry. Choosing the right tools for the right job is essential if your goal is to outrank your competitors in the online space. As a blogger, website owner, or small […]