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4 Factors to Consider Before Building Own Office

When it comes to finding office space, it’s nearly always a good idea to rent an office, rather than do your own thing. That’s because you can’t be completely sure whether you..

To Plan or Not to Plan?

To Plan or Not to Plan?

I recently read an article about River-orientated people vs. Goal-orientated people. The difference between both is that goal orientated people may succeed, but they aren’t always..

Cash Flow

How to Manage Cash Flow in Small Businesses?

As a business owner, soon after starting a business, you become very familiar with the crucial role that money plays its success. Without it, you won’t be able to get anything..

Question Mark

Creating a New Product in 10 Steps

One of the biggest challenges as well as the most fun you can have as a business owner is creating a brand new product or service for your audience. For most businesses, the main..


How to Prepare For Successful Exhibition?

You’ve done your customer research and you know who you want to talk to, but now the really hard work begins. If you’re in the marketing world and are considering an exhibition..