8 Advantages of Using Social Media Marketing for Your Business

More than 50% of digital marketers support the usefulness of social media as a powerful marketing tool for businesses, today more than ever before. Justly, technological developments are the leading contributors to social media gaining a massive influence on people because of the introduction of features like sharedcount that make social media convenient for use […]

Enhance Your Business Reputation Through Branding

Millions of businesses open their doors each year. It’s scary to think of all the competition that is around you and can suffocate the company that you are trying to grow. If you do not properly brand, especially online, you aren’t making a name for yourself and it can be difficult for companies to differentiate […]

Are You Controlling Your Outside Influences?

You should be. If you don’t, you’ll just get whatever shows up and hangs around, and it might not be what you want. Influences upon you – in the form of relationships, media, so on – require your permission, your receptivity. Sure, there are some things you can’t control (like who you’re related to). But […]

College Origins of Most Successful Businesses

Everybody knows the origins of the most famous social network Facebook, don’t they? The other worldwide known corporations were started precisely in college. These are Yahoo, Microsoft, The Onion and Insomnia Cookies. The founders of these companies dropped out of universities when they were about 20 years old. However, colleges prefer to avoid this fact. […]