What is Customer Satisfaction and How Can You Enhance It?

Running a business is a nuanced, intricate process. It involves hundreds of moving pieces, some of which are entirely dependent on your internal operations and how well you structure your business processes. Among a slew of those key pieces, one stands out as every modern brand’s main concern: customer satisfaction. Every single business out there […]

Healthcare SEO: Key Factors to Consider

The world of healthcare is always a hot topic because there millions of people who are accessing the internet and are trying to look for medical terms or try to look for what possible diagnosis they might have for the symptoms that they are manifesting. Thus, if you want your company to be the first […]

How to Create a Sense of Unity in Your Business? Total Togetherness!

When you are growing your business, it’s always about ensuring that you get the right things, whether you are funding your startup and you need to get the right cash injection so you can make your overheads, or about finding the right people. But once you find the right people, the battle doesn’t end there. […]

Creativity vs Productivity: Resolving the Conflict

There is a conflict inherent between creativity and productivity. Isn’t there? It masquerades under other terms: right brain vs left brain introvert vs extrovert straight-laced vs free spirit art vs commerce It seems like a definite dichotomy. It seems very us versus them. But when we start looking, we might notice that the surface differences […]

Increase Your Productivity by Doing Nothing!

On this blog, I write a lot about how to be more productive, and I believe in every point that I convey, and use many of them myself. In this post I’m writing about something that should go hand in hand with productivity, in fact, it’s essential for being the most productive person you can […]

10 Productivity Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Productivity, in a nutshell, is merely the act of producing or creating. This can range from cooking and cleaning in your own household to completing numerous marketing campaigns for your company’s top clients. In either case, simply getting yourself to the point where you are operating at your most productive and efficient levels can be […]