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Strategizing Test Automation in an Agile Project


Solid strategy planning is imperative before starting off any test automation development project. This strategy should build on top of the philosophy of an informed Agile development mindset. The team should always strive to move in an iterative, incremental approach inherently as they progress. Of course, a Test Automation strategy should be built customized to… Read More »

4 Benefits of Time and Attendance System for Employers and Employees

Time and Attendance

Employers have been utilizing different methods to monitor their employees’ work attendance since the late 1800s. They have employed tools like time clocks that stamp date and time information on paper cards (time cards). There have also been manual systems where workers were assigned to stamp cards or enter time and attendance data into spreadsheets.… Read More »

Digital Transformation as a Business Efficiency Tool

Digital Transformation

We have heard plenty about digital transformation, including efficiency, flexibility, and security in managing systems, the scalability of resources, and the dynamism we can achieve just by adopting efficiency tools in business. The way we use and store data can be changed, the level of protection can be heightened, and more tools can make all… Read More »