Buying Used Cars: Double Check Everything!

Used Cars

The used car market in India is still not organized properly but improving everyday.

Although several used car dealership companies offer certified used cars, however, most of the transactions are carried out in an open market. Whether you are buying from a registered dealer or a private used car seller, it is important that you take certain precautions while buying used cars so that you can get a car in perfect condition at a most reasonable rate. Today we have come with a detailed guide that will reveal major tips for buying a used car to ensure that you are getting a perfect car at the perfect price.

Used Cars

1. Explore the History of the Car

While purchasing a used car, a car history is of vital importance. A detailed car history will let you know whether the car has ever been recorded as stolen or it has any outstanding finances or information about an accident in the past that car has experienced and more important information. There may be a case like you buy a used car without checking out car history and later find that it has been recorded as stolen. This may certainly put you in legal problem. Without the knowledge of previous car history, you may unknowingly buy a car that is under the logbook loan agreement and thus you might become liable for previous debts.

2. Always Try to Have a Good View of the Car

The day time is always best to arrange car viewing for at the seller’s home or at the dealership. Avoid going to view the car during the dark or rainy day as it may hide certain defects like scratches and dents. Always make sure that you check under the bonnet and beneath the car for rust. Check out for any signs of any accident thoroughly. This preliminary inspection will give you a major idea of the current condition of the car that you are planning to buy.

3. Examine Registration Documents Thoroughly

Always ensure to ask the seller about the registration documents prior to purchasing a used car. This is one of the most important things that car buyers need to do while exploring used cars. A registration document will give you complete details about the registered keeper of the car along with the list of all the previous registered keepers thus making your used car buying process more confident and transparent.

4. Is the VIN Matching that of the Used Car?

This is one of the most important things to be considered while buying a second-hand car. Always look for its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that is found at the windscreen base usually and under the bonnet. Make sure that VIN marked at the car matches that of specified in the car registration document. If not then there may be a problem with the authenticity of the car and thus you can save yourself from putting your hand in the wrong used car deal.

5. Examine the Windows and Locks

Always make sure to check out the windows and locks of the car. Take a look thoroughly on the lock to find out if these are different from each other. If you find any changes in the locks then it means that car can be broken into before. Also, examine if there are any signs of forced opening and closing of the windows. All these will give you correct insights into the car.

5. Test Drive (A Must Have Test)

Having a test ride before purchasing a used car is crucial. But before taking a test drive make sure that you are insured through a car insurance policy that says that with the owner’s permission, you can drive another car. It is the best idea to drive for at least half an hour at different speeds utilizing all the gears and brakes thoroughly. While driving notice any unusual noises produced by car along with electrics. The test drive can be the final and thorough examination of the car that can lead you to the final decision.

To conclude everything, we would suggest completing the basic inspections and always look into the reliable marketplaces only to explore used cars.

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