10 Best WordPress Plugins in 2018: Must For Your Business Website

Best WordPress Plugins

Need to Boost Up Your WordPress Website?

Along with its number of best advantages, WordPress also gives us an opportunity to expand the website functionality by integrating best WordPress plugins. Whether you want to add a video gallery, event calendar, Facebook Fan Box, or Twitter Feed, you have Plugins for almost everything. The best part is, most of these plugins are free and some are available at very reasonably priced. There are some most popular WordPress plugins in 2018 that you can use for your WordPress website and boost its functionality to the great extent.

If you start exploring which are the best WordPress plugins available in 2018, you will have to face a really big assortment and a dilemma is sure to arise to choose a proper one. In order to reduce your confusion and efforts to find the most appropriate WordPress plugins for your website, we have picked some of the best WordPress plugins 2018 and listed out below. These are the WP Plugins that you must try out for your website in 2018 to get absolutely outstanding results in terms of enhanced operations of the website.

List of Best WordPress Plugins Worth Trying in 2018

Best WordPress Plugins

01. ePush for Push Notification

Push notification is one of the effectual marketing ways. Integrating push notification system with your website is an effective way to promote your business. ePush is an outstanding, freemium WordPress web push notification plugin for WP websites, blogs, and all types of the business websites. It is an absolute push notification system compatible with all sorts of devices, such as desktops, mobile phone, and tablets. ePush allows you to create customized and unique notifications for every user or group. With this, you can also optimize and send notifications in different languages to as many users as you want.

02. Monsterinsights’ Google Analytics Tool

You must be aware of Google Analytics. It is a free and useful statistical tool for identifying and improving website traffic by understanding your audience. If you want a drastic change in your website traffic, then this plugin is must for you. WordPress offers you a free MonsterInsights’ Google analytics plugin that allows you to check different real-time stats related to your website. The plugin also facilitates Universal tracking by which you are able to track user views across several platforms and devices and get different interest and demographic reports.

03. WP Smush

Though uploading images makes your website look catchy, attractive, and engaging, but we can’t ignore its downside. Many times such images require a big amount of storage space and may also slow down your website. WordPress saves you from this dilemma by introducing a WP Smush plugin that enables you to compress and optimize the images without compromising their quality. This is one of the best WordPress plugins. WP Smush optimizes entire image files in GIF, JPEG, and PNG formats with advanced compression techniques and saves most of the storage space.

04. W3 Total Cache

Basically, catching is a temporary storage of website data in the cache so that it can load faster whenever a user opens the same page again. This is the best to enhance your WordPress site performance. W3 Total Cache is one of the best WordPress plugins that help you to achieve great website performance. This freemium plugin offers database caching, page cache, browser caching, object caching, etc. along with an option to integrate CDN services to cut-down page load time. Moreover, it also allows you minify and compress the JS, HTML, and CSS files to save about 80% of the bandwidth.

05. Yoast SEO

SEO is one of the prominent ways of improving traffic flow for any website. For your WordPress website, you have a freemium Yoast SEO plugin that assists you to generate better content and get better ranking on search results. The features like snippet preview, Readability all contribute to creating user engaging and technically SEO friendly content. The plugin focuses on creating content that is useful for users and capable of gaining their trust along with maintaining the ranks.

06. Everest Forms

If you are looking for the free and best WordPress plugins for creating contact forms, this is for you. Everest Forms is a contemporary WordPress contact form plugin having drag and drop interface that allows you to create eye-catching contact forms rapidly and easily. With this plugin, you can also design two column WordPress contact forms and advanced forms including advanced fields such dropdowns, radio buttons, date, checkboxes, and more.

07. VaultPress

Security is the foremost aspect of any type of websites. VaultPress WordPress plugin focuses on this aspect by creating real-time automated backups for your WP website. VaultPress lets you generate optimized backups on regular basis and reinstate your website within few minutes only with a single click. The Jetpack enabled theme easily synchronizes the content, comment, post, and media file on your WP site and also provide defense against many web attacks and issues.

08. Social Icons

Social Media is one of the leading platforms for marketing your services. Social Icons is the best WordPress plugin that you can use to improve your social media marketing efforts. It is a free and easy to use WordPress plugin that provides a simple way to exhibit popular social icons on your WP website.  The Social Icons plugin supports more than 100 prominent social media platforms. You can quickly install the Social Icons plugin and add social media icons in striking layouts. You can insert social media icons to the posts or pages through shortcodes or widgets.

09. Wordfence Security

It is another best WP security plugin offering malware scan, Firewall protection, login security, live traffic monitoring, blocking, and much more. Wordfence Security plugin allows real-time monitoring of all your traffic including humans, robots, logins, logouts, 404 errors, etc. so that you can know all the security threats happening on your website. The firewall application included in this plugin prevents your website from being hacked. Moreover, the blocking feature blocks all the malicious networks and attackers harmful to your site.

10. MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp is one of the most leading email marketing services used to send emails, manage subscribers, and track results in the volume. If you want to integrate MailChimp with your WordPress site then here is the plugin for you. MailChimp for WordPress allows you to design attractive opt-in forms in order to add extra subscribers to your email list. Further, you can also integrate this plugin with another form on your websites such as comment, contact form, or checkout form.


Plugins are an integral part of any WordPress website. Integrating such plugins with your website really bring you quality results in terms of improved functionality, visitors, and ranking. If you want to integrate such plugins with your website or want to build a brand new WordPress website with the latest plugin integration then our team is here to help you with best solutions.

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