Best WordPress Database Plugins You Shouldn’t Ignore

People fall in love with WordPress because it has managed to make the web simpler and easier. After earning a huge amount of traction, it has become one of the most commendable CMS currently.

It is known to offer a number of plugins, which can streamline the blog search, as well as, play an important role in extending the entire functionality of a website.

If you want to optimize the WordPress database, there is nothing which is capable of beating the immense power of the WordPress database plugins, which have a number of unique features. These plugins are responsible for tracking your data and revamping the performance of your website.

Best WordPress Database Plugins

Given below is a list of the top WordPress database plugins which help you to clean, optimize, manage, and repair the entire database. They are extremely helpful to make your website work in a smooth manner and can also relieve your stress when an unexpected situation arises.


“WP-Optimize” is one of the best and highest performing plugins that are available for WordPress. It can be used for optimizing the database in an efficient and effective manner. It helps in removing the post revisions, allows you to look out for the spam comments, allows removing a number of options that are related to trackbacks and pingbacks, and moves all the transient options for speeding up the website in an efficient manner.

You also have the freedom to configure the plug-in to schedule the automatic clean up. This plug-in is also mobile ready and it does not require the PHPMyAdmin for cleaning your database.


If you are looking forward to improving the present WordPress performance, you can make use of this nifty and effective plug-in. This plug-in is extremely efficient and it is capable of performing a number of important tasks, which can improve the working of the entire database. This plug-in is free and it comes with a number of exciting and innovative features, for managing the database of your website.

This plug-in is responsible for making it easier for the users to not only optimize but also clean the database in an effective manner. It helps in removing the undesirable tables that are present in the database. The most interesting thing about this plug-in is that it has an instinctive interface, which has been designed in a unique manner for those users who do not have a proper technical knowledge. This plug-in not only cleans the database but it also helps in deleting, restoring, repairing, and backing up the database.


If you are looking forward to creating a backup of the website, this plug-in is perfect for you. It is not ideal just because it is available for free, but it has a number of features, which can make all the operations of the website smooth and hassle-free. This is undoubtedly one of the nicest plugins for all those users who update the websites frequently or do not use any images in their blogs.

If you are using this interesting plug-in, then you have the freedom of scheduling the restore backups, database backups, and much more. Furthermore, it also gives the opportunity of performing a manual database.

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

This is a great database optimizer plug-in which is available for WordPress. It helps in getting rid of all the undesirable revisions, unused tags, spammy comments, transients, and a lot more. You can install this plug-in in an extremely simple manner and you can expect almost everything from this plug-in, which you normally expect from the reliable database plugins.

This plug-in plays a significant role in cutting down all the clutter, thereby reducing the load from your database. You can customize this plug-in and you have the full freedom of deciding, which database has to be included in optimizing the website.


This plug-in is not only famous but also extremely effective, which is capable of executing the table commands that you provide on the admin area of your WordPress. It helps in making it extremely convenient for optimizing the complete database. If you are making use of tables that are being updated frequently, this is the plug-in that you should go for. It helps in keeping the database free from any load.


This plug-in is considered to be the best backup solution for the WordPress database. It features the automatic scheduling support, which allows you to create various schedules for both the database, as well as, the files that are present.

You can get this plug-in either for free or pay extra to get hold of the premium version. The premium version will permit you to make use of the cloud storage as your backup destination.


VaultPress helps by providing the users with a daily and automatic backup of the entire WordPress website. It can be set up by the user easily and all the controls are provided to the users. It makes use of your cloud services for backing up the website on a regular basis.

You have to pay $5 for grabbing the services of this interesting plug-in. This plug-in is great for the medium or small companies.

Advanced Database Cleaner

This is another interesting and free WordPress plug-in, which helps in maintaining the database of your WordPress site. It helps in removing all the data that remains unused, which include the drafts, revisions, comments Meta, post-Meta and a lot more. You can choose which data you want to delete as you have the complete control over the plug-in.

Another interesting part is you have the opportunity of scheduling the cleanups, as well as, optimizations. The plug-in also supports the multisite installations, which is a unique and amazing feature that almost all the network administrators will love.


Backing up your data and maintaining the database of your WordPress is one of the most important tasks that should be undertaken. If your database is organized properly, you will see your WordPress site functioning in a flawless manner.

If you have tons of websites to backup better find an expert or you can visit RemoteDBA to get more information on the database management solutions.

Choose from the ideal set of WordPress database plugins that are mentioned in the above list and you will be able to perform the job without being sidetracked.

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