5 Best Ruby on Rails Books to Advance Your Knowledge

Ruby on Rails is a framework based on Ruby programming language. It has a simple design and high performance. Today we are going to reveal the top 5 list of books devoted to Ruby on Rails framework.

5 Best Ruby on Rails Books

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Tutorial 3rd Edition

One of the most transparent and friendly Ruby on Rails guides ever written. Moreover, this book is created assuming you have no knowledge of Rails at all. It is also a nice tutorial for experienced Ruby users. This book systematically teaches you how to treat Ruby on Rails in the most efficient way for creating web applications. Aside from Rails 3, the tutorial also tells you about typical Rails tools, such as Git or deployment on Heroku. With this one, you will need only a month to gain basic skills. As well, you may use the PDF version to copy over snippets of code while reading.

Agile Web Development with Rails 4th Edition

This book assumes that you have some experience in Rails, and general programming experience, too. The first ever book on the topic of Ruby on Rails, it has now been republished for the fourth time. It is an excellent tutorial for intermediate and experienced developers. It will not get you back to basics, but will help improve your Rails skills. A broad, far-reaching tutorial has been refactored as web development evolved for the past few years and with the new Rails 3.1 features and best practices in mind.

The Rails 3 Way 2nd Edition

Since you acquired some advanced experience in Ruby on Rails framework, you might probably want to improve your skills in it. This book will be your great helper on this path. Written by Obie Fernandez, one of the top Rails programmers in the world, this masterpiece helps advanced application developers get the most of Rails framework. An excellent, extensive reference will be particularly useful to developers who are already confident about their Rails skills. The second edition is up-to-date and answers all possible question Rails developer could ever have.


This one tells about antipatterns – patterns that should not be used for development as they cause the reduction of application performance. Therefore, we can find information on common Rails pitfalls and, at once, methods of getting an advantage of the framework’s best practices to develop full-bodied, clean, maintainable Rails web apps. The title might sound a bit complicated, but do not get it wrong – it is rather simple to read and use.

Crafting Rails Applications: Expert Practices for Everyday Rails Development

This Rails cookbook is created for experienced programmers. It provides you with advanced techniques for accomplishing difficult tasks such as building your own template management system, internationalizing your applications, publishing and subscribing to your application events etc. Highly recommended for mastering your Rails skills.

I recommend to start with at least one of the first 2 Ruby on Rails books to advance your knowledge, and then to go down to the list. With these, you’ll be an advanced Rails developer in no time. :-)

If you have other suggestions, please feel free to add them below in comment!

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