Best PDF Software of 2017

Best PDF Software

Along with this great evolution of technology, there are lots of versions for any type of software on the market. There is a large array to choose from when it comes to light memory requirements, supported file types and fast usage. Depending on your preferences, you may want to use one software or another, but either way this list of the best PDF software this year can prove to be useful.

Best PDF Software

#1. Soda PDF Anywhere Premium

This is the first solution with full features that can be accessed both on the desktop and online, and this is perhaps the most appreciated functionality. It has lots of good features, such as editing files, reviewing and annotating work, creating and converting PDF files, inserting page elements, creating digital forms, using OCR and many others. You can even enjoy the 3D reader mode!

#2. Nitro PDF Professional

This is many people’s first choice when it comes to the PDF software and editor. It is quite easy to use, having a user-friendly interface. Many believe this is also a good alternative for the Adobe Acrobat, and it is quite affordable.

#3. Power PDF Standard

This is particularly useful if you need PDF conversion and creation, being one of the best software on this market. It offers quite a lot of features and improvements useful for business users. Needless to say, it allows you to create, edit, convert, assemble or share any PDF file with colleagues and even clients in a neat manner.

#4. Wondershare PDF Element

The Wondershare product represents an all-in-one editing software dedicated to PDF files. It is quite affordable and dedicated to professionals. It also offers OCR technology and it makes converting, creating or editing PDFs an easy task for whatever purpose you may have.

#5. Adobe Acrobat X Pro

The Adobe Acrobat X Pro 10.0 version is another great PDF software that is voted by many people as being the best in 2017. It is special through its new web relevance, allowing you to print PDFs and enabling videos and animations. Once again, we have to notice the ease of use and the improved security. All in all, this options seems suitable for creative firms.

#6. Corel PDF Fusion

The latest version of this popular PDF program is a complete PDF editor focused on creation and conversion.

The conversion process is quite easy and it relies on just one click. It lets you work with more than 100 various file formats, even if you did not create the file. Moreover, you can use the software to open PDFs, Microsoft Office formats, graphics, photos and many other file types.

All in all, it is quite hard to designate the best PDF software in 2017, given the fact that there are a lot of good options on the market. But you can pick one based on your requirements.

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