Top 10 Best High End Laptops from the UK for 2017

Best High End Laptops in UK

The world of gadgets has been grown bigger in just a few decades. Nowadays there is a relevant gadget available for almost every need. Today market is flooded with quality gadgets that fit our budget.

In this post, we will discuss top 10 high-end laptops. These laptops are packed with extraordinary features which you can’t find in budget laptops. Budget laptops are great for everyday browsing, mailing, and low graphical tasks.

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If you are in a job where you do more than mailing, browsing and standard office work then you should go with high-end laptops. High-end laptops are perfect for any business work and deliver the best performance compared to the budget laptops. High-end laptops are best for playing high graphical video games.

High-end laptops are expensive but surely you are paying for the smart features, top performance, and high-quality hardware. These brilliant business laptops will make your tasking easier and keep your data safe.

Best High End Laptops in UK

The best part of the high-end laptops is that they provide great portability, brilliant battery life, and extra convenience. With budget laptops, you can explore only windows and chrome but high-end laptops provide accessing power to MacBook and Apple. Here are the top 10 high-end laptops from the best brands in the UK.

Apple MacBook-Pro

If you can pay a decent amount of money on buying a quality laptop then what will be better than a MacBook?

Apple devices are known for outstanding features and are totally worthy of your investment. This MacBook is also packed with incredible features and can explore more after buying it. Let’s have a quick look at its features.

This 15-inch model is packed with a magnificent display feature. The stunning Retina display comes with more than 5 million pixels and this is really incredible. Its display having 2880 x 1800p resolution is built to deliver excellence. Watching movies, playing games or tasking on this MacBook will be a great experience.

Not only display this device is packed with top performance technologies. If you want the list of its features, let me introduce them. This MacBook comes with powerful quad-core and dual-core Intel processors, highly advanced graphics, stunning retina display, Intel Iris Graphics, super fast flash storage, 16GB internal memory, faster memory and the list goes on.

All these features make this device your true companion and make it a tasking machine you are looking for. No matter whether you are working on a website or want to build one, all you can do with this extra responsive machine. This machine is capable of doing both complex and most complex tasks without any kind of interruption.

MacBooks come with iMovie, Photos, Pages, GarageBand, Keynote, and Numbers. Thus you will have all the features in your hand to be creative. You will be able to customize your photos, music, documents, videos, and presentations from the beginning.

The best part of this MacBooks is it ultra-portable and delivers 9 to 10 hours of battery life. If you will look for a budget laptop packed with advanced features, you may have to compromise with the battery life. But this MacBook comes with all the advanced features and also provides best battery backup.


Mac is great no doubt, but can Window laptops provide performance as Mac delivers? The answer is a big “yes”, Windows can.

Here is have listed Microsoft-Surface windows 10 powered laptop and it is great with its features. Tasking will be very fast with this machine and you have dual options of giving commands. You can work on a real keyboard or if fed up use its touchscreen to work fast and in a relaxable manner.

Microsoft surface is powered by Windows 10 to provide superior performance and security. This machine comes with an ultimate level of speed accessing and advantage of the cloud.

Microsoft surface is powered with the latest i5 Intel-Core processor with 256GB SSD memory and 8GB RAM. It’s a lightweight machine and provides excellent battery life of 14.5 hours. Play or work longer with this Microsoft laptop.

Dell XPS

Dell XPS is a windows laptop but this machine is the powerhouse of an extraordinary performance. From superfast accessing speed to maximum storage and from infinity display to killer wireless connectivity, this device is an ultimate machine for gaming and working.

Dell XPS is powered with latest Intel 7th generation quad-core processors, bigger SSD drive, and Windows 10 operating system. This machine comes with a 4GB GeForce (GTX-1050) graphics card and latest Pascal architecture. Experience the stunning display and blaze over your intensive tasks.

Dell XPS is built to support 32GB memory having the 2133MHz bandwidth. Superfast memory only means you will get your content ready with the friction of seconds. Dell XPS comes with strong and superfast Wi-Fi connectivity feature. Browse online videos, make video calls, surf internet and play online games in comparatively smoother and faster way.

Dell XPS brings the best of Microsoft and this device makes your sign-in password free. Its fingerprint reader provides you the most secure and fastest way of sighing in through windows devices.

The last but not the least, this machine is crafted with an extra durable material. Its body is extremely scratch resistant approximately 10 times more if compared with a soda lime glass.

Asus X7

If you are looking for a high-end laptop with the bigger screen, then Asus-X7 will be perfect for you. Asus-X7 comes with bigger 17.3 inches LED screen having 1600 x 900p resolution.

Not only bigger screen, Asus X7 is also packed with big RAM, large memory, Intel HD graphics, Intel Dual-Core processor (Celeron), Windows 10 OS, 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, Wi-Fi and fast Bluetooth connectivity.

This laptop is not from the list of budget laptops, but it can stay between a high end and a budget laptop. Bigger RAM of 8GB provides uninterrupted and enough responsive accessing. 1TB hard drive gives you exceptionally larger space to store data and content.

Integrated quality webcam allows you to establish video calls and gives you advance ways to connect with more people. This lightweight machine is ultra-portable and makes you capable of working while traveling too.

Optimus VIII

Are you a gamer by heart and looking for a reliable hardware for gaming? Then this ultimate gaming machine is for you. Prepare yourself to be the part of the battle and share your victory stories with your friends.

If you are a serious gamer then this machine will be your true companion. Optimus-VIII gaming laptop is designed to deliver superfast accessing and extraordinary responsiveness.

Optimus-VIII is built for intense gaming thus it is powered with i7 Intel Core processor. It’s 8GB RAM makes it easy to run high graphical video games and its 15-inch screen provides you every scene of your game.

The display is awesome and powered with 4GB NVIDIA-GeForce graphics card. The GTX-1050Ti card used for brilliant display output and delivers more than visuals. This graphics technology gives a brilliant detailed view of your games visuals, movies, photos and even text.

Novatech Elite N1774

Novatech Elite-n1764 is just awesome. It is packed with the latest and advanced processors, graphics cards, superfast memory and responsive components.

If you want to look at its features the list will go a little bit longer. Let’s have a quick look at its features.

Novatech Elite-n1764 laptop is powered with the latest 7th generation Intel Core processors. This machine comes with a bigger 17.3inch Full HD NVIDIA GSync screen built with IPS technology. Your contents will be ready and tasking will be blaze fast with its 2133MHz 16GB DDR4 memory.

The latest i7 processor is capable of handling whatever you give to it. Novatech Elite-n1764 is built to deliver lightning fast performance no matter the task is tough or complex.

You will never run out of memory space, Novatech Elite-n1764 comes with a large 1TB hard drive (SATA) + 240GB SSD. Its display is truly outstanding and will provide advance VR impression.

Novatech Elite-n1764 is equipped with GeForce GTX graphics card. The Pascal architecture will provide 3x performance compared to the previously used graphics cards.

Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo ThinkPad is built for great mobility and to boost productivity. It is an ideal machine for students, professionals, gamers, and educators.

ThinkPad comes with 13.3 inches Full HD screen built with IPS technology. Lenovo ThinkPad is powered with i5 Quad-Core processor and Intel HD 620 graphics.

Its 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 RAM is super blaze fast and makes this device truly responsive. Windows 10 OS provides total security while surfing or downloading, on the other hand, you get few latest features updates to explore.

Make quality HD video calls with its integrated webcam and inbuilt microphone. Share content or connect this device over strong Wi-Fi connection with wireless 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1.

This machine is light, packed with latest features and one of the best high-end laptops that can be carried easily for tasking on the go.

Sabre 17G

This is another masterpiece machine for gamers. Sabre 17G is a fully equipped with latest and advanced components. Sabre 17G provides bigger 17.3 inches full HD screen developed with latest IPS technology.

Sabre 17G’s processor makes it really fast and responsive. It is powered with i7 Intel quad-core processor and Windows 10 pro. It comes with 16GB superfast DDR4 2400MHz RAM and can be upgraded to 32GB later.

1TB hard disk allows you to store your favorite content and the memory space is large enough. It is equipped with an integrated microphone, sound system, SD-card reader.

Experience its extraordinary display features and it is also VR ready. Sabre 17G’s display has 4GB NVIDIA-GeForce graphics card which makes you feel the visual content.

Asus ROG-G701VIK

ASUS ROG is machine created to deliver uncompromised performance no matter what you throwing to it. In short, this laptop can be described in two words, “just awesome”.

But if you want to dig out its features, here are they.

ASUS ROG comes with bigger screen of 17.3inch full HD anti-glare display developed with IPS technology. Asus Rog powered with latest i7 Intel quad-core processor and 8GB NVIDIA GeForce graphics card.

64GB DDR4-2800MHz memory makes the accessing super smooth. It also equipped with 1.5TB of laser fast storage. MS Windows 10 Pro gives you wings to access multiple applications at the same time without any interruption.

Share content with the fastest Bluetooth 4.1 and surf through net using the fast Wi-Fi connections. Play online games, get your content ready with the friction of seconds and make this machine your real office buddy.

Apple MacBook Air

It may be little messy for someone to carry a 2.5KG of weight on his/her back. If you want a high-end laptop having the powerhouse of features, it may be heavy for your pockets and shoulders too.

But lastly, this MacBook Air is the machine you are looking for.

MacBook Air is light, powerful and equipped with enough latest features. It is powered by Mac OS and Sierra Software. The 13.3inch widescreen display developed with LED backlit to support millions of colors.

It is just 1.3KG and very easy to carry. Its extra portability feature makes it a true companion of students, professionals or gadget lovers who travel a lot.

Final Note: High-end laptops are powered with the latest and next-generation features. If you find them over budget then they are expensive for a solid reason and the reason is only performance. High-end laptops are best for most complex tasks and high graphical gaming. Some of these high-end laptops are powered by Mac OS and others powered by Windows. But both of them are awesome with their feature and totally worthy of your money.

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