6 Best Android Apps for Photographers

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The android devices available in the market today are equipped with different kinds of cameras. In some cases, you may buy an expensive Android device but still end up getting an average photo quality. If you are using an older version of Android even then the image quality remains average.

There are the various camera and photography applications available on Play Store that will help you click better images and also to edit and beautify the original pictures clicked by you. We have enlisted such best android apps that are really helpful for those who want to click amazing pictures.

Best Android Apps for Photographers

6 Best Android Apps for Photographers

1. Camera Zoom Fx

Camera Zoom FX is on top of photography apps on Play Store even after it is a paid app. It has several useful features that you won’t find in any other app. Thus it qualifies to be a great app. It is packed with features such as stable shot, meaning it clicks the picture only when the camera is stable to click and clean image and voice-controlled shooting mode allows you to click photos on your voice command. Other standard features such as grid, tap-to-snap, etc. will let you click good pre-processed images. Its editing tools are also good providing you various filters, frames, borders, etc. that let you create the best look at your photos.

2. Camera Fv5

Phone cameras are mostly of fixed type and don’t allow you to control the image aspects manually. Camera FV5 crosses that bridge and allows you to adjust aperture, exposure time, metering time, white balance and a lot more manual adjustments. Using these manual controls you can click exactly what you want to. The editing tools provided such as the selective tool, filters etc are also really impressive. Autocorrect option allows you to get the best adjustment for your images. Conclusively, with this app, you can get the best shot.

3. Snapspeed

It is a simple and favorite filter applying application that gives you a wide variety of filters to choose from. You can also apply various effects and frames that will make your images look a lot more creative. Its connectivity with almost all social media apps and account access makes it easier for those who upload their pictures on the go. Apart from filters, various other features are there that make it a good app for example, the selective tool allows you to edit only certain portion of a picture and with fine-tuning, you can adjust various aspects of your composition.

4. VSCO Cam

An indeed successful app, VSCO is a typical filter based application but with some better and different filters that sets it apart from other applications. Certain creative filters are truly amazing and change the mood of your picture totally. Filters such as retro, Polaroid, etc make you pictures look stylish. Its editing tools and tweaking options allow you to fine-tune the image aspects once you have completed applying effects and filters. It is one of the most user-friendly apps that give you best result with lesser taps.

5. Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express stands out from all other apps due to its amazing design and simple user interface. It allows all type of users to edit images in a really easy way. Autocorrect option allows you to fix all the common errors and with features such as rotate, straighten etc; you can get the best composition. Its filters and effects are laid out in simple pop up boxes which will give you buttons related to a particular type of filters that you can apply and tune accordingly. It helps you to create different moods and environments of the pictures in a single screen interface. It’s a simple yet powerful app for those who are interested in this kind of editing.

6. Adobe Photoshop Express

This one is for those who are familiar with the most used editing tool on PCs. It provides you with the same kind of layer-based editing options with various editing tools that are similar to its PC version. Photoshop Touch has been designed for touchscreen phones only. Therefore you will find a lot of features of Photoshop not available in this app. Apart from filters and other standard effects you can create new effects by use of brush, strokes, lighting tuning etc. It slows down upon addition of multiple layers and also eats up a lot of battery.

Final Words

I hope you will find some best android apps made for photographers as all these applications are surely designed to give you best out of your android device camera.

So, download any one of them and improvise your photography skill.

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