How to Become Certified Salesforce Administrator: Exam Dumps & Tips

Salesforce is a company that is focused on the development of cloud-based software and Customer Relationship Management products in particular.

Salesforce company is one of the most rapidly growing IT platforms in the world.

Besides, the enterprise offers its own certification program which is intended for the people who want to serve and develop Salesforce products.


Salesforce Certification

Salesforce certification program is divided into five main paths: Administrator, Architect, Developer, Marketer and Consultant. Each of the paths implies the passing of the specific preparation courses and exams. According to your skills, needs and knowledge, you can choose whatever path is suitable for you.

If you are looking for more details about Salesforce certification, visit Salesforce website.

Today, we will talk about the most popular Salesforce credential – Salesforce Administrator certification and reveal its details.

Salesforce Administrators

Salesforce Administrators act as a bridge between business and technology. They work alongside with managers to create and innovate. Salesforce Admins not only make successful careers but they also educate the users, solve problems and keep the projects running smoothly. Salesforce Admins make the users happy and ensure successful progress of the business. A Salesforce Admin is a business leader, a pioneer and a diligent member of the Salesforce team. This specialist is integral to running a successful business and this is reflected in his/her salary.

Salesforce Administrator Certification is intended for the professionals who work with the Salesforce applications in the organizations. The technical skills of Salesforce Admin cover a wide range of areas from management and administration to development and business leadership. Becoming a Salesforce Certified Administrator does not only prove your technical and administration skills but also acts as a prerequisite for the jobs in companies that look for Salesforce experts. ADM 201 is a credential exam that opens a door into the business world of Salesforce professionals.

ADM 201 Exam: Overview

ADM 201 exam comprises 60 multiple-choice questions and includes five additional unscored items. Every candidate is allotted 105 minutes to complete the paper and the passing score is 65%. The registration fee for this test is $200. If you fail the exam at the first attempt, you can pay additional $100 and retake it. The candidate qualifies for this exam if he/she possesses a solid understanding of basic Salesforce concepts. It is also strongly recommended for the candidates to pass two training courses for ADM 201 exam. The exam guide, full recommendations and scheduling procedure are available on the official Salesforce website.

To learn more about ADM-201 exam, go to Salesforce website.

Who Should Take ADM 201 Exam? What Are Its Benefits?

ADM 201 test is designed for IT managers, new system administrators and sales professionals who seek to extend their career and get better job opportunities. The professional who holds Salesforce Certified Administrator certification is expected to earn an average annual salary of $73,000. After this credential, a lot of candidates go for Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification to receive more privileges. Salesforce Certified Administrator credential is internationally recognized, which means that it can serve as a prerequisite for a lot of high paying jobs.

Reasons to Acquire Salesforce Certification

The tech industry is full of fierce competition between knowledgeable and proficient individuals seeking the same job as you. This means that it is your skill what makes you a better candidate. This knowledge acquired through the credential programs will help you stand out from the crowd. Salesforce certification helps you to enhance your administration skills and improve your knowledge on the Salesforce platform. This credential minimizes your chances of rejection at any company. The certification will polish your skills, boost your career and display your competencies efficiently and effectively. According to the researches, 4.2 million job opportunities are created in Cloud computing sphere. Since Salesforce operates with the Cloud, a lot of employers are now getting interested in hiring professionals with Salesforce Certifications. Technological developments in CRM and Cloud ensure long-term benefits of getting this credential.

Preparation Material for the Exam

  • You can enroll in preparatory courses Administration Essentials for New Admins (ADM 201) and Administration Essentials for New Admins and Certification (ADM 201C). These are the courses recommended by Salesforce.
  • You can also opt for the practice tests that can be easily found online. They will help you to get used to the exam pattern and enhance your test-taking skills.

Tips for Passing Salesforce ADM 201 Exam

Listed below are a few tips that will help you boost your score in ADM 201 certification exam.

Ask for Help

Feel free to ask questions to the professionals. Any help you can get is essential for your preparation. You can easily get some tips from people who are familiar with the Salesforce platform and certification process. You may get varied responses but do not get discouraged because the exam is hard or because you only have one month to prepare. You just have to smarten up your skills and even if you do not pass, you can always try again.

Do Your Homework

Don’t forget about Salesforce ADM 201 curriculum. Visit the official Salesforce website and learn everything about the exam topics before you jump into the preparation.

Use Salesforce Trailhead

Trailhead is the Salesforce exam prep resource and it is absolutely free. It directs the candidate through the Salesforce platform using modules, guided learning paths and study projects. For each level you pass, you get a badge that indicates how far you have come since you started. Trailhead is a cool and fun learning program that enhances your skills and knowledge.

Adopt a Technique

It is necessary that you develop an exam technique and stick to it. Certification tests are usually stressful and difficult to attempt. When you have a specific set of rules or methods to stick to, you are less likely to get confused and disoriented during the exam.

What are ADM-201 Dumps?

Another effective way to prepare for ADM-201 exam is to use exam dumps. Exam dumps are questions from the past exams you can answer in order to enhance your test-taking skills and familiarize with the exam pattern. Quality exam dumps must be utilized along with all the other preparation material such as online courses and books.

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Why Do You Need to Pass Exam Test Before the Actual Exam?

Passing exam test before the actual date is very important for your preparation as it gives you the possibility to learn how to manage your time properly. By taking numerous tests, you will learn how to answer the questions in the best possible way and achieve the required score. In other words, this is a rehearsal of the real test in the most realistic environment.

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Where to Find Reliable Practice Certification Test?

The Internet is full of the platforms which offer various practice certification tests, however, there is always a chance that you may encounter some fraudulent website with outdated materials. Nevertheless, there are some reliable platforms where you can find updated materials of high quality –websites such as PrepAway, ExamSnap and Exam-Labs.

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Remember that there is nothing wrong with failing an exam and a lot of people fail certification exams at their first attempt. The key is to keep trying and not give up. You can retake Salesforce exam exactly six months after your first exam. Get reliable training materials, use exam dumps and don’t lose hope. Good luck!

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