Before we start, we’re not advocating that we go around shooting people and dealing with top secret spy missions to save the world. We don’t want to be that much like James Bond. But we do want to be the uber-suave and super-cool agent whose life offers much to be envied. This guide offers some practical solutions of how to take the chivalrous, gentlemanly aspects of James Bond and inject them into the 21st century.

James Bond

Dress Well

James Bond is a snappy dresser. Whether he’s reclining on a yacht in linen trousers and a lightweight shirt, or dressed to the nines in his dinner jacket and tux, James Bond is always dressed to impress. The way he does it is by acting as though every occasion is a reason to be dressed well – he never knows who he might encounter, so always needs to look his best. By taking this mind set, you too can dress for any eventuality as James Bond does.  

Accessorize Well

James Bond is known for his gadgets – from laser watches to exploding pens. But, obviously we don’t expect to have access to such useless everyday items. But James Bond knows how to make the most of, and use things in his direct environment. Always take into account what you have at your disposal and how best to utilize these accessories, and OK, maybe you can invest in an umbrella drone…! 

Play Bond’s Games

James Bond is a Renaissance man. He can ride a horse, jet ski, ride a motorbike, and navigate himself into space. But he is probably at his most strategic when he’s at the card table. It’s easy to pick up Bond’s card game prowess, especially with online sites that allow users to learn the skills of playing poker, baccarat, blackjack, and craps so easily. 888poker, for example, features a range of classic games that James Bond would be at home playing. From Texas Holdem through to 888’s exclusive SNAP poker variant for those who don’t like to waste time, there’s no reason you can’t emulate Bond’s poker style.

Be Knowledgeable

James Bond gets into quite a lot of scrapes. And it’s his knowledge that gets him out of them. He knows how to tie and untie complex knots, how to identify venomous snakes, and how to secure his room against intruders. By absorbing all information and learning facts about every foreseeable situation you might find yourself in, you’ll be on your way to thinking like Bond.

Be Respectful

James Bond is the true gentleman because of his respectful attitude to everyone he meets (even the villains). James Bond exudes a quiet confidence and a measured response, which is something anyone can learn to live by. The things he has done in his life have given him perspective, and he uses this calm demeanour to consider everything. By appearing aloof and measured, James Bond comes across as the epitome of a true gentleman. His genteel nature can be modelled easily and will pay dividends in interactions with anyone in life.   

Anyone can be like James Bond however their own lives differ from the superspy’s. All it takes is the mind-set to achieve it and the ability to assess every situation and make the most of it.     

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