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5 Best B2B Lead Generation Strategies that Work in 2018

Lead generation is the attempt of gaining the consumer interest over a product or a service.

Normally, the sales team of a company initiates several methods of lead generation. Marketing and advertisement helps in this process. There are several paid sources. But, the non-paid source is more authentic.

Sales leads can be generated through personal references. Internet is one of the biggest medium of deriving the leads from the website traffic. We will discuss about some effective strategies that can work in this year.

Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies in 2018

Lead Generation

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a big subject which starts from blogging till the attractive infographics. This strategy works well when it comes to B2B lead generation.

Every website is incomplete without the contents. Yes, the right and flawless information related in text form is the first step of gaining customer’s mind. Along with that, videos and infographics are also important. People wish to get a visual effect of the written words. Also, videos make it much more effective with live acts.

2. Email Marketing

Among the online marketing process, email marketing is the oldest process to bring customers to an organization. According to the analysts, it is the time-tested process which is very effective for the B2B sales lead generation. This is still on latest trend that brings great business to the organizations.

There are email marketing tools which help in sending emails to many people quickly and easily. You can connect those to CRM which helps in sending high targeted emails.

3. SEO/ Search Engine Optimization

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Do you see your website among the top 10 list of google search engine? If not, it is the time to initiate the search marketing technique. There are SEO experts who can help in providing the best deal. This is one of the strategies that will help you get organic traffic for the long term. The leads junction sites also deal with the same. Companies having their own website online appoint an experienced SEO to optimize its website on the regular basis so that it can be viewed among the top 10 list of search engine. This will also boost sales.

4. Social Media

One of the trending platforms these days is the social media. People are constantly using this medium to communicate with their friends and relatives who stays far. Thus, maximum crowd stays tuned to the social media platform. Companies are aware of this fact. Thus, they post the products and services of their company. The digital marketing experts use these strategy for getting more leads. It is important to go ahead with regular updates of the company’s products and services in the social media sites. This helps in gaining the interest of public as they will be viewing the ads now and then in the social media site. These days the website is linked to the social media sites. Whenever you post anything in the website it will be automatically updated in the social media sites.

5. Mobile Apps

People are more comfortable with the smart phones than the usual computer or laptop. They want all types of updates in their phone while they travel from here to there. The experts are developing mobile apps for different type of business. People just install the mobile apps and starts using it easily. Thus, if you can develop an app for your business or website, the lead generation will be huge. It is also important to make the designing in such a way that, it is more mobile friendly. You will find that more than 40% of the audience come from mobile.

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Shruti Gupta
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