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Cloud computing jobs

Cloud Computing Jobs

The cloud computing industry is on the rise and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The industry is expected to boom by 2019 and will only grow from there. There are currently over 50,248 cloud computing positions available in the U.S. job market alone. Over in India, over one million cloud computing jobs will be […]

The latest trends in modern business model formation

Business Model Formation

Over 90 percent of all startup companies fail within their first couple of years. Fresh business models have risen and fallen ever since Internet technology became affordable. New firms are still struggling to find plans that work for them, however. One of the major reasons they end up faltering is due to a key financial […]

How Blockchain is Set to Shake Up the eCommerce World?

Blockchain in eCommerce

The blockchain is set to shake up the world of eCommerce in the same way that the world of eCommerce shook up traditional retailers. Popular online platforms have already drastically altered the way consumers shop. By offering lower prices than traditional stores coupled with the convenience of being able to order from anywhere, web-based markets […]

Guaranteed Ways to Gain Traction for Your SMB

Gain Traction for Your SMB

Many business owners find it hard to explain why their businesses grow at alarmingly slow rates, or at worse, are stagnant. You might have all the necessary components for running a successful business, but your operations still yield very little return. Running a successful enterprise is like driving a car with a powerful engine whose […]

Transitioning from Employee to Freelancer: How to Cautiously Make the Leap?

Employee to Freelancer

There is a global revolution going on. All over the world, and in many sectors, people are shedding the 9-to-5 jobs and trading them in for life as a freelancer or self-employed contractor. Freelancers come from many walks of life, and they are designers, developers, writers, consultants, and everything else that can be done at […]