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How to customize Ubuntu Dock to float icons in center? Just like macOS!

Ubuntu dock

Everyone likes to have a good-looking desktop dock that has most used apps in it. I like Ubuntu’s Dock too, but it’s more user-friendly, but most of us prefer it on the bottom side just like we see on macOS. I like to see Ubuntu Dock at bottom side instead of left side, and Ubuntu […]

How to start a Neobank? 4 steps to follow


Neobanks or digital-only banks are in trend these days. They offer you a wide range of banking services. Plus, there is no need to visit a physical branch at all for anything. Also, this brought a new industry with it, which many entrepreneurs want to get into. So the question is, how to start a […]

9 future drone applications that have industry leaders excited


To many people, drones seem like little more than glorified remote control vehicles. Yes, they’re great for taking amazing vacation shots, but not much else. However, this view of drones is a little short-sighted. It turns out that the market is growing all the time and some rather clever innovators are coming up with multiple […]

Building a better risk management plan for your company

Risk management

Taking risks is common in any business, especially when your business is just a startup. Not all risks can be eliminated, from financial to physical, but they can be minimized to a great extent with a good risk management plan. Yet multiple surveys, including one from North Carolina State University, have found that most organizations […]

Is HDD still relevant?


Flash storage may be taking up the spotlight, but HDDs haven’t lost the fight yet. Being a reliable storage option, hard disk is a leading data backup choice and helpful component of cloud-based disaster recovery. Is HDD still relevant, considering the next few years? HDD (Hard Disk Drive) which is many decade old technology is […]