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Why shipping container homes are a scam?

Shipping container home

Shipping container homes might look cool and economical solution to everyone, even there were many projects that was aimed to turn slums into a container-based housing schemes. But none of them turned in to reality, do you know why? Then read why shipping container homes are a scam and understand what are the issues. 1. […]

Starting a side hustle at home: 6 things to consider for a successful start

Side Hustle at Home

Starting a business from home requires careful planning. Discover Massage takes you through six key considerations to work through before you launch your operation.

What is TKL keyboard?

TKL keyboard

Computer keyboard comes in various form factors and TKL (Ten Key Less) is one of them. A TKL keyboard is an 80% sized keyboard without a side number pad, which is located on the right side. See below image for reference. The full-sized keyboard has been around us for years, and it was the first […]

AirPods battery dying? Try this trick to extend the backup time


If you belong to Apple family then probably you would be using AirPods to get rid of wire tangles. AirPods are a way more convenient way to listen to music, podcasts, talk on the phone hands-free. But battery technology is still in its low format, such a small device cannot run for a long time […]

What is OSD timeout?

OSD (On Screen Display)

On Screen Display (OSD) is a virtual layer of options that allows us to customize the screening device like Monitors. An OSD menu or option will always appear on top of the screen no matter what is being viewed on the screen. We have tried and tested the OSD menu on TV, Monitors, and Projectors […]