10 Things That Make a Web Host Good? [Infographic]

Subscribing to a good web host is a difficult decision any day. It might just look easy with so many service providers available in the market; however it’s hard to ascertain if the quality of their services matches to what they presell.

Performance remains priority for any and all businesses, especially the ones who are dependent on their website to carry out business transactions. Websites merely acting as a source of information also want their visitors to have optimal experience at all times.

Don’t settle for less than 99.99% of Uptime as it already converts to a sizeable downtime. Page load speed should be good and not exceed beyond half a second. But make sure that your website is designed well before questioning your host. Enquire well on the unlimited tag. It may just be a tall claim, offering unrestricted space.

Not all can afford to shell out more; however spending bug bucks still doesn’t guarantee quality services. Opt for a reasonably priced vendor and clarify on the recurring payments and refund policy beforehand. Asking for any freebies is not bad either.

Also ensure that it has a customer support round the clock. Opening system tickets and issue reporting via email take time. Having a cPanel also adds value to the offering.

10 Things That Make a Web Host Good

Infographic SourceHostingFacts

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