10 Apps to Automate Tasks on Your Android Smartphone

Automate Tasks

One of the best things about Android operating system is its flexibility and nature to adopt further apps and extensions. People love using Android as they can customize it in the way they wish. Here in the write-up we would cover ten apps that automate tasks on your Android smartphones.


This app lets you select various rules and automate them on your Android phone. You can do a lot many things with this one like configurations, triggering and launch home screen. This is very user-friendly and puts no serious problems when it’s used on your phone. One of the most fantastic things about it is that if you face problems regarding its use, you can download the instructions and guidelines from other fellow users. When it comes to the best automotive apps for Android, this one comes at first and grabs the first priority in the competition.


Profile is an interesting and attractive app to let the Android users enjoy great features like changing volumes, settings and other options from a central location. It also gives you an opportunity to edit the options and settings manually or you can go for automatic set-rules that will adjust your apps in that way as well. This automotive app is best for those Android users who remain worried about their volumes that keep on changing every time, so they can make it easier to adjust their volumes in the best ways.

App Cash Cleaner

When it comes to providing perfect storage and memory solutions, this one is excellent. This quickly cleans the extra and useless files. You don’t need to root your Android device for using it but can simply clean files for getting more space. When you will get your phone wiped, it will enhance the performance and functionality of your phone as well. This is undoubtedly a great addition. Most of automation apps slow down the phone and impede the functionality but this one improves the operation and provides a user-friendly interface.


If you have been using taskers before, you could have undoubtedly heard about Locale. When it comes to top and extraordinary location based automation apps, this one goes beyond the limits and automates your Android operating system to the next level. Originally it was designed to serve the Android phones to consume lower battery use and it has an attractive interface that simply amazes the users. Despite the location, automation it can be employed to trigger and configure others features as well like phone orientation, battery levels and timings.


Condi is like a mini tasker that works on your location, time and other configuration apps. It doesn’t need you to create an account, register or blah blah but you can simply get help from fellow friends through links and start using it immediately. It can be turned into navigation app too when you are on a drive, travelling somewhere or on a go. When you would insert your headphones, you may go to enjoy music as well. This is indeed an all-in-one automation app to turn your android phone into multiples.


This is another really a fantastic and easy to use tasker. In this automation tool, the users can get complete guidelines and if they are not getting any, the friends and other peers can also be consulted for the help and installation. This is automation app is best for those who want their messages and emails to be read automatically and don’t want their phones to ring while they are driving. It provides a number of options and you can select one as per your ease and choice. With help of this app, you can manage your calendar, get weather updates, and put your android device on stand-by mood and a lot more as well.


A lot of Android users think they should have a lock screen but it’s often annoying as well so to avoid all such problems and this hick-up, this app is the best for such users. The app disables the lock screen when you are connected with internet connection. It automatically detects the WiFi connections and connects your device with that to provide you excellent comfort and support. Many people like this app but few consider it to be annoying while they use. If your Android is rooted, it will work correctly.

Changelog Droid

I think you would be tired of checking the updated applications but with help of this app, you don’t need to go any more and put all of your worries to rest. The app checks everything in the background and notifies the user when there is any app to be updated. When you keep on using it, it gets better with the passage of time. It can help you install and uninstall apps on your Android device. When you have downloaded it, get the complete details for use or ask some friend who is already using it.


This is another addition when it comes to automation apps. If we say it to be really a cool and user-friendly tool for Android. It goes beyond the limits to update your screen every day and makes it really great to use. It offers a broad range of colors like blue, red and others. The Android users who love bright colors can select this automation tool for their cell phones.


When it comes to making the lock screen simplified and perfect, the app gives its best shots. This is though a very new app in the industry, it has gained an immense appreciation and popularity among the masses. You need to take care when you want to install this app on your Android cell phone and read all the instructions and guidelines carefully. The automation options provided in this app are not much different than others. In a nutshell, the app is amazing and offers great comfort and enjoyment.

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